2022 Annual report


Three years ago, I started this organization with the commitment to make sure that underresourced Ugandans do not experience what I went through growing up. I come from a family that doesn’t consider the value of education, especially for a girl child. In fact, the plan was to marry me off at the age of 15. I constantly explained to my family that my dream was to acquire an education because I believed it would help me and my family break out of the poverty cycle. But no one listened; instead, I was physically and verbally abused, belittled, and tortured for wanting to break the norm. As a total orphan, I was willing to work hard, and despite the hardships, I never gave up on my dream. Through perseverance, hard and great fortune, I achieved my education dream. Through 4 prestigious scholarships, I completed high school, acquired a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a global MBA, and now currently pursuing a Ph.D. where my research is focused on the impact of workforce education in bridging the skills gap among higher education graduates.

My personal journey has faced many challenges, but my exposure to education has changed my life. I believe education is the answer. My team and I are committed to ensuring that underresourced Ugandans get the same education benefits by equipping them with skills and knowledge to start a business, find meaningful jobs, and thrive in life. We are literally building the future of lifelong learners in Uganda who are not just surviving but thriving.

2022 has been a year of building back better and stronger. We were able to reach more beneficiaries because of our partners, who have built a strong pillar in growing this organization. Thanks to the people and partners who have given, advised, and volunteered their time and skill to support our mission.

Looking forward to 2023, we are still committed to skilling young Ugandans, women, men, and anybody at the age stage of their lives desiring to acquire knowledge and skills to engage in meaningful employment for a better livelihood. We will continue the Upskilling Uganda Youth (UUY) program that focuses on equipping young Ugandans with computer skills, business development skills, and ongoing mentorship to increase employability opportunities. We are also set to launch A Thriving Woman (ATW) program that will reskill young girls and women to acquire practical skills that can be monetized to start small businesses and access to financial resources to increase household income. We are challenging ourselves to build an ecosystem for lifelong learners without leaving anybody behind.


Thriving Learners Institute is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) committed to providing educational programs and activities dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty among lifelong learners in Uganda.

TLI programming is designed to respond to the 21st century’s rapidly evolving societal and workforce needs providing an effective ladder to social and economic opportunity for all Ugandans.

  • We empower life long-learners to acquire market-relevant knowledge and skills through Upskilling and to utilize practical skills training to strengthen entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities through reskilling.
  • We connect learners to professional networks and ongoing mentorship, creating opportunities for learners to use their academic and professional accomplishments to support and give back to their communities.


Thriving communities of tech-savvy problem solvers with the agency and resources to build their dream future.


To empower lifelong learners with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to thrive in life.

TLI Framework

Break the poverty cycle among Ugandans, especially in underresourced communities.


Upskilling secondary and higher education graduates to acquire employability skills relevant to a rapidly evolving labor market. For example, digital literacy, and open online course


Reskill Ugandan’s lifelong learners with practical and creative skills that can be monetized to start a business to increase household income.

Nurture an entrepreneurship mindset, provide professional networking opportunities and ongoing Mentorship.

TIM Model

Rather than continuing traditional education approaches such as rote memorization and text-based learning.


Our programs are designed to harness the power of technology and interactive instruction to build a strong sense of agency in our learners.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our learners acquire technical and soft skills and competencies gained through creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, and traditional credentials at any stage of their lives, including while employed and beyond.


All of our programs leverage commitment to lifelong learning, applicable skills, and mentorship networks to ensure learners are successful in our programs and beyond.



Like many other organizations, the COVID-19 global breakout affected us, which resulted in a total lockdown in Uganda for almost two years. We had to be creative and restrategize to continue supporting our communities, especially when they needed us the most.

We received financial support from Arizona State University’s J.Orin Edson Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, which enabled us to continue the Practical and Creative Skills (PCS) program, training main young Ugandans and female teachers who were out of school due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Over 200 learners were trained to sew masks and make liquid soap. Over 2,000 masks were made and distributed to vulnerable communities, and over 2,500 gallons (9,465 liters) were produced. Many of our learners from this training started mask and soap-making small businesses that enabled them to survive the hard economic times during the pandemic.

Over 200 trained in sewing
Soap making
Tailoring/ Sewing
Learners showing off their work
Food donations
Over $15,000 raised in sales
Computer Training
Produced over 2500 gallons of liquid soap and food donations

With three desktop computers, we launched a computer training program for high school students out of school due to the lockdown in preparation for online, especially at the college level. Over ten students benefited from the program. This program was scaled to what we now call Upskilling Ugandan Youth. Six of the ten students later joined college and can use a computer to study online.



In partnership with Mastercard Foundation, we created “Upskilling Uganda Youth,” which is an e-learning initiative focused on providing young Ugandans with digital literacy skills, business development, and access to professional mentorship. This program was launched in July 2022 and will run for 18 months.

We are collaborating with Masaka Baptist Church which provided a facility to set up the computer training lab and support to mobilizing the community to enroll young people in the program.

We are set to graduate our first cohort end of January 2023.



To scale the computer training program, We wrote a grant proposal receiving a substantial grant from Mastercard Foundation to develop and implement a digital and e-learning curriculum for the youth. Upskilling Ugandan Youth (UUY) is a Thriving Learners Institute e-learning initiative focused on building digital literacy, creativity, and innovative thinking, through online business development courses designed to develop learners’ entrepreneurial spirit and grow learners’ professional networks. This program allows young people in Uganda to acquire basic computer and internet skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution and to learn how to start a business, finance it, and maintain its success. The program is designed to bridge the skills gap among young graduates aged 18-30 to enhance employment opportunities and business start-up. UUY pairs participants’ existing talents, technical skills, or entrepreneurial passions with market-relevant skills to realize their full potential through meaningful and fulfilling work.

UUY Mission and Objectives

Computer Business Training

UUY was launched on July 2nd, 2022 at Masaka Baptist Church (MBC) facility in Masaka District. We are collaborating with the MBC to implement the project where they create awareness about the program, mobilize the community, and provide support in enrolling learners. Watch the UUY launch day. The launch day was attended by local leaders, parents of the learners, and community members.

Learners were registered by filling out an application form and the selection of participants was based on age, employment status, digital literacy level, and basic English literacy since the program is conducted in English. 100 were enrolled and currently, 85 are still committed to the training. We conduct two computer training sessions (2 hours) Monday through Friday and hybrid Business development training on Wednesday and Thursday.

TLI Tech Bootcamps

We assess retention of the knowledge and skills acquired through organizing TLI Tech Bootcamps where learners demonstrate their computer skills to the community. We conduct two TLI Tech Bootcamps per cohort and invite parents, companies, community leaders, and members to witness as UUY Learners demonstrate their computer skills. Watch the first Bootcamp. We are set to graduate UUY Cohort 1 end of January 2023, where we will have our second Bootcamp, Business Pitch Competition, and Graduation.

UUY Impact

We are receiving good feedback from the participants, and many are hopeful that they will engage in meaningful employment after the training. Almost 70% of the participants had never touched or operated a computer before and now, after five months of training, are able to design graphic design. In fact, one of the participants has set up his graphic design business, and it’s going well so far. Watch some of their testimonials.

The 15 participants that dropped out of the program cited challenges like long-distance, securing full-time employment, change of residence, busy schedule, and change of mind.


Development of Thriving Learners Institute Headquarters in Kakoola Village, Mityana District

We acquired 10.5 acres of land in Kakoola village, Mityana district, where we are developing the Thriving Learners Institute training center.

Demonstration farm

We have set up a demonstration farm in preparation for a program called Thriving Farmers Hub,focusing on equipping smallholder farmers with modern farming methods, harvest, storage, market access, and value addition. The demonstration farm has domestic animals like goats, sheep, and poultry, coffees as a cash crop, and food crops like Maize, green banana sweet potatoes, and cassava.

Prototype Learning Lab

We began by constructing a Prototype Learning Lab that will be used to test out our designed programs. Our first program to be tested in this lab is “A Thriving Woman,” focusing on equipping young girls and women with practical skills and access to financial resources. Watch the development of TLI Headquarters.




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