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The are several reasons why employment seekers have not succeeded yet in their job-seeking efforts and/or failed job interviews. These reasons could be within their control or not. Those within your control could be a sub-standard CV/Resume and cover letter and inadequate preparation.

Thriving Scholars! Supports employment seekers to secure their dream jobs. We work hand in hand with you from the beginning to the end, from developing a career goal that fits your passion, talent, and aspiration to walking into that job interview with confidence and walking out with an offer letter.

Scholarship opportunities are intended to honor high academic achievers and to encourage career advancement. However, lots of learners fail to secure funding to further their studies because of limited knowledge about scholarships, inadequate preparation, and submission of sub-standard applications. Thriving School! Provides guidance to prospective students who want to further their studies abroad, from choosing the right school and program to submitting a winning scholarship essay.

At Thriving Scholars! We work hand in hand with our advisees to design and implement an individualized career development and education plan that align with personal strength, passion, talent, values, education, and career goals for a lifetime of economic opportunity and livelihood.

Our services

ServiceDescriptionPrice (UGX)
Career GuidanceOne-on-one conversation to figure our your short term and long term career goals100,000
Develop CV/ResumeFrom scratch to an outstanding CV/Resume100,000
Develop a cover letter/ personal statementWrite and tell your unique compelling story100,000
Mock interview, grad school/ job interviewPrepare for a job and/or Visa Interview50,000
Admission/Aplication Essays ReviewReview and edit essays100,000
One-on-one application guidancePrepare for a job and/or Visa Interview50,000

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Application Strategies

This Fall Semester

This is a short-term and accelerated application process for those desiring to start school on August/September 2023

Spring Semester

This is a mid-term application process for those interested in beginning school in January/February 2024

The following Fall Semester

This is a long-term application process for applicants who would want to take their time to prepare their application materials and apply to various schools. This strategy is for those who want to start school in August/September 2024